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Fresh Starts

CarolinaZen Bath + Body. Our skin care starts here in local orchards and berry patches

CarolinaZen's FRESH organic fruit scrubs start here, in our local North Carolina orchards + berry patches.

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Custom Blending

CarolinazenBath at ETSY -Custom formulation of skin care services. Sensitive skin types rejoice!

CarolinaZen accepts requests for custom formulating. Moisturizers, fruit scrubs, balms, soaps and more are blended for all skin types. A custom formulation card is provided for future referencing and super easy reordering. 

Custom Gifting


Natural artisan skin care beautifully packaged for every occasion. Upgrade the humble bath with your custom selected gift assortment. See our unique gifts such as our bath + wine box at our link below! 

Skin Care Customization - An Affordable Luxury

CarolinaZen is a treasure trove for sensitive skin, custom gifts & organic bath kits. Your invited to linger, look around, and learn all there is to know about the products by exploring the ETSY STORE website. Discover the REAL fruit sugar scrubs while you're there. Enjoy browsing. If you have any questions about our fun, fruity & fresh bath + body items or services, connect with us. We would love to hear from YOU.

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CarolinaZen Video

The co. name + product inspiration of CarolinaZen was derived from the glorious beauty of Coastal, Sandhills, Piedmont + Blue Ridge mountain regions of North Carolina. 

A heartfelt "thank-you" goes to artist & photograper William Mauney for this video. 

Enjoy. . .